Conservatives Wary as Matt Drudge Publicly Aligns His Brand With Alex Jones (VIDEO)

Ties between right-wing journalist Matt Drudge and conspiracy theorist and Infowars founder Alex Jones have recently been publicly solidified, with the radio host lauding Drudge for launching Jones’ theories “into the mainstream media.”

Recently, Drudge declared 2013 as the “year of Alex Jones”  and according to Media Matters, The Drudge Report has promoted 244 times over the last two years — 50 times in this year alone. However, conservatives are pressuring Drudge to distance himself from Jones since in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, “false flag” theories have been emanating from Jones’ site and radio program.

On his radio show Friday, Jones bragged that he was “hanging out” with The Drudge Report’s Joseph Curl in Texas where the pair tried “to crash the private Bush-Cheney party” after the inauguration of George W. Bush’s presidential library.

The mainstreaming of conspiracy theories in conservative media has raised a few eyebrows in recent days. One theory claims that a Saudi national who is a “suspect” in the Boston bombings is being covered up by the Obama Administration. The theory, which has received numerous airings on Fox News with little scrutiny, has been widely debunked.

In a recent airing of the Fox show Red Eye, a panelist endorsed a “false flag” theory but was immediately rebuked by fellow panel members, one of whom was Ann Coulter.

Watch and listen to Alex Jones recent comments on his radio show.

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