Conspiracy Theories Apparently Now Dominating Conservative Talking Points on Benghazi (VIDEO)

In the strange evolution of the Benghazi debate, it seems as though many mainstream conservative figures have settled for unproven conspiracy theories as a tactic to use against the Obama Administration.

In a segment on Fox News this past Friday, The Weekly Standard’s columnist Steve Hayes repeated the usual talking points surrounding the “unresolved questions” of the Benghazi tragedy, even though a fairly clear timeline of the events that led to the deaths of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and four other Americans has been apparent for some time now.

With no evidence to back up his assertions, Hayes seemed to suggest that the Obama Administration directly hid evidence that al-Qaeda was behind the attack so they could frame the incident as a spontaneous mob-induced reaction to an inflammatory anti-Islam videotape.

Watch his comments in the video below.

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