Construction company owner arrested and charged after slapping female worker over scratched cabinet

The owner of an Arizona construction company has been charged after he was caught on video slapping a female worker across the face, The New York Post reported.

Brent Michael Hospelhorn, 46, was charged on Thursday with one count of intentional assault with physical injury. In the video that was posted to TikTok, Hospelhorn can be seen loudly berating and swearing at an unidentified female employee over a scratched cabinet before he slaps her in the face.

“Get the f**k out of my building right now, f***ing bitch!” Hospelhorn yells at the woman who quietly refuses to leave.

“The fact that he was so comfortable doing that tells me it’s not the first time he has done it,” one viewer commented on the video, which has amassed over 7 million views.

“One of our officers responded to the call, took a report, and arrested the suspect for assault. This suspect was cited in lieu of detention and the suspect is being recommended for charges,” the Phoenix Police Department wrote on Wednesday, responding to complaints that they did not arrest Hospelhorn when they cited him.

Speaking to the Arizona Republic, police spokesperson Sgt. Robb Scherer said that citing Hospelhorn “is not letting him go.”

Watch the video below:


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