Controversial GOP Figure E.W. Jackson Has a History of Financial Troubles

Virginia’s nominee for lieutenant governor has made national headlines for making bizarre remarks, such as claiming people are opening themselves to demonic possession when they practice yoga, or comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK.

But in a new report from the Washington Examiner, E.W. Jackson has a history on legal and financial troubles that date back nearly 30 years.

Jackson touts his non-profit organization that allegedly helps young people avoid gangs and drugs, but the Examiner reports that the organization was shuttered by the Virginia State Corporation Commission in 2012 for failing to pay state fees in 2008, 2011 and 2012. Additionally, in 2012 Jackson was sued by the city of Chesapeake for money that he owed. Jackson was also sued in 2007 by a couple for failing to pay rent on a space that was used by his church.

According to federal court records obtained by the Examiner, Jackson filed for bankruptcy in 1993. He owed numerous creditors including city, state, and federal tax collection agencies, his law school alma mater, Harvard University, several banks, a church, a hospital, realtors and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

As a candidate, Jackson was largely unvetted and was selected as the LG nominee through a GOP convention, not through the usual primary election. Apparently, Jackson is to hold an upcoming press conference to address his past financial troubles.

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