Cop fired from coaching little league after video shows him assaulting kids from opposing team

A sergeant with the Harris County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office in Houston, Texas, was fired as a little league baseball coach after he was caught on camera roughing up players from an opposing team after his team lost, KHOU reports.

As the children from Kenneth Wendt’s teamed lined up to shake hands with children from the opposing team, Wendt can be seen ramming his body into the first few kids who were in line.

“Nothing in the world gives you the right to do that to kids,” Prospects 9U baseball coach Victor Torres said.

“They come in and they slap you hard on the hand. And you’ll be like, ‘hey, don’t do that.’ But an adult, you wouldn’t expect it,” Torres said. “I was upset. I was really upset.”

Little League Coach and Constable’s Sergeant Fired by League After Hitting Kids in Handshake Line
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“How is that even possible,” Torres said. “You hold them to a higher standard. And then you come out here and do that to kids, to 9-year-old kids.”

In a statement to KHOU, Scorpions Baseball said Wendt’s actions “were unacceptable and do not align with our organization’s values. We removed him from coaching and from our club about 8:30 a.m. Sunday.”

“Just like I tell my kids” ‘We don’t lose, we learn,'” Torres said. “You don’t do that to 9-year-olds. You don’t put your hands on 9-year-olds. Especially not someone else’s child.”

Watch KHOU’s report on the story below:

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