Cop pulls black man over for driving 5 mph under the speed limit

A video that first surfaced in February of this year but is now circulating again on Reddit shows a man getting pulled over by a North Carolina police officer for simply driving 5 mph under the speed limit.

The man, Ace Perry, repeatedly asks the officer what the reason for the stop is. After the officer informs him that he was driving under the speed limit, Perry is forced to sit and take a barrage of random prying questions.

“I’m trying to understand the relation to the traffic stop,” Perry tells the officer at one point.

During the course of the incident, Perry tries to get the officer to explain why the traffic stop was so urgent, but the officer simply refuses to acknowledge Perry’s questions and returns to his car after writing him a warning. The officer later says that Perry’s driving under the speed limit was suspicious.

Seriously? Cop pulls man over for doing 65 in a 70 zone. from PublicFreakout

Speaking to WRAL, Perry called the encounter a “misuse of power” and said that believes he was being targeted.

“The way that he jumped up behind me, it just indicated to me that he immediately saw an issue,” Perry said.

In a statement to WRAL, the Sampson County Sheriff’s Office said that in regards to the speed limit, an officer “only needs reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle and not probable cause.”

Watch WRAL’s report on the story below:

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