Cop threatens to shoot protesters ‘through’ his door — kills fellow cop who knocked

An Arkansas police officer who told a colleague that he’d “shoot through” his door if protesters came to his house has now been charged with shooting and killing a fellow cop who knocked on his door, WFTV reports.

Calvin Nicholas “Nick” Salyers, 33, turned himself in Thursday and was charged with manslaughter in the June 3 killing of 36-year-old Scott Hutton — who was shot through Salyers’ door.

Investigators say Hutton drove to Salyers’ house to pick up a police cruiser. When he tried to contact Salyer on the phone, he was unsuccessful and approached the front door and knocked. Salyers was watching TV on the couch with his girlfriend and grabbed his gun when he heard the knock. When he looked through the peephole, he says saw a figure armed with sidearm.

“Salyers stated that he transferred his weapon from his right hand into his left hand and reached for the door knob and, as he opened the door, the gun went off, firing a round through the front door,” the arrest affidavit stated.

Evidence from the investigation showed that Salyers had his gun pressed against the door when it was fired.

“The most significant findings related to the bullet hole was there was evidence of close contact,” the affidavit continued. “Powder burns and a c-shape ring of residue were left around the hole.”

Hutton was shot in the upper right chest.

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Sky Palma

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