Cop who violently arrested Utah nurse has a history of sexual harassment

The Utah detective who was caught on video violently arresting a nurse for simply adhering to hospital protocol was once reprimanded for sexually harassing a female co-worker, according to police documents obtained by the Associated Press.

An internal affairs investigation by Salt Lake City police found that Detective Jeff Payne harassed a woman in a “severe and persistent” manner back in 2013, which included “several incidents of unwanted physical contact and a disparaging email.”

From the Associated Press:

The detective’s discipline history was released in response to a public-records request from The Associated Press and other media outlets as multiple investigations into the July 26 arrest of nurse Alex Wubbels play out.

Her lawyers are looking into Payne’s history and how the city has dealt with prior incidents, said attorney Karra Porter. Wubbels hasn’t sued the city, though Porter has said that could change.

The incident began when earlier this summer, Detective Payne demanded to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient at the hospital. According to Utah law, police must have a warrant or permission from the patient to draw a blood sample. Payne had neither a warrant or consent from the patient.

After Wubbels calmly and politely read hospital policy to him, Payne snapped and grabbed hold of her arm, saying “We’re done!” and forcefully pushed her out of the building to handcuff her.

Since the incident, Utah Police have apologized and changed their policies on drawing blood. Payne and another officer were also placed on paid administrative leave.

You can watch the original video below:

Featured image via screen grab

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