Couple fired from their jobs after being caught on video spewing anti-Asian slurs

An official of the California city of Coronado was placed on administrative and his wife was fired from her job at a private school after word got around that they were spewing anti-Asian slurs, NBC Los Angeles reports.

A video circulating the internet shows a woman confronting Roger Miller and his wife, Sandra Miller. The person who posted the video said the incident occurred this weekend in Newport Beach, California, and the couple made racist comments, including statements about Chinese people spreading covid.

The video shows the couple in a parking structure walking as Sandra Miller is heard saying, “I love that we are not in their country. I love that we are not communism. I love that very much.” Later she says to the person filming, “America is a free country. Go back to China.”

In a statement this Monday, Coronado City Manager Tina Friend said that “the person involved has been placed on administrative leave pending an independent, full and fair investigation.”

On the same day, Linfield Christian School in Temecula, California, posted a statement online saying Sandra Miller had been terminated, saying the school was “aware of the video involving Ms. Sandra Miller. After speaking with Ms. Miller regarding the incident, Linfield has terminated her employment immediately. The statements made by Ms. Miller do not reflect the beliefs of Linfield, are inconsistent with Linfield’s mission statement and fail to meet the behavior Linfield expects employees to model for its students.”

Watch the video below:

Racist couple tell Asian couple they’re responsible for COVID and to “go back to China” at a mall.
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