Couple says doctor ‘decapitated’ their baby during childbirth

A couple is suing a hospital in Atlanta, accusing a doctor of “decapitating” their baby during birth, WSBTV reported.

Jessica Ross, 20, went into labor with her first child on July 9 at Southern Regional Medical Center. According to her lawsuit, the baby became stuck after 10 hours of labor, and Dr. Tracey St. Julian continued for hours trying to get the baby out.

The lawsuit alleges that the doctor and nurses pulled the baby’s head so hard that the skull, head and neck were broken. Hours later when doctors performed a C-section, they found the baby decapitated, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit also alleges that the doctors tried to cover up the incident by telling the couple they didn’t have a right to a free autopsy and encouraging cremation.

“When they wrapped the baby up tightly, they propped the baby’s head on top of the blanket to make it appear like the head was attached when it wasn’t,” family attorney Dr. Roderick Edmond said.

When reached for comment, the hospital said privacy laws preventing them from discussing the incident, adding that the baby’s death was “heartbreaking.”

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