CPAC Attendees Condemn Sen. Rob Portman’s Endorsement of Marriage Equality (VIDEO)

After Republican Sen. Rob Portman’s endorsement of marriage equality this week, many conservatives were quick to distance themselves and even condemn the senator’s comments. A video that’s been circulating the internet shows attendees at this month’s 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) voicing their opinions about the news.

Tony Mele, 88, said that Portman’s shift is “Horrible.” When told that Portman’s discovery that his son is gay was the reason for his change of heart, Mele said, “That’s his fault. He gets no sympathy from me.”

Dressed in Revolutionary War costume, William Temple, a Baptist pastor from Brunswick, said Portman should “quit being so selfish as to only think about his son.” He went on to say that if Portman can’t reflect the GOP’s conservative views towards marriage, that he should “step down and go home.”

Another CPAC attendee, David Kern, blamed Will Portman’s choice of university for his sexual orientation.

“Well what did Sen. Portman expect when he sent his son to Yale?” he asked.

Another unidentified woman in the video said that she was a product of the 1950s “when people who were homosexual stayed in the closet” and she preferred it that way.

Watch the video below.

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