Criminal defense lawyer’s viral tweetstorm explains why the ‘Trump was just joking’ excuse is bullsh*t

In the wake of Donald Trump’s suggestion that “Second Amendment folks” stop Hillary Clinton from selecting Supreme Court justices, some Republicans and conservative media outlets tried to rationalize his unprecedented remarks by claiming it was just a “joke.”

Even House Speaker Paul Ryan is giving Trump cover, saying his remarks were just a “joke gone bad.”

This isn’t the first time Republicans and pro-Trump pundits have found themselves in the awkward spot of being apologists for the GOP nominee’s penchant for ad-libbing. But this is different and it marks a major turning point in how Trump’s rhetoric is addressed.

In a viral tweetstorm from this week, attorney and former English professor Jason P. Steed breaks down why the “Trump’s just joking” excuse is a load of sh*t.

In short, there’s always a little bit of truth in a joke.

Check it out:


[Mother Jones]

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