Crossfit guru does handstand on Holocaust memorial, commits instant social media suicide

If you’re one of those people who’s secretly preoccupied with hating the Crossfit cult, here’s something that will reaffirm your presuppositions of these insufferable Instagram jocks.

This past weekend, Crossfit legend Dave Driskell was doing sprints through the streets of Berlin when he found some random concrete slabs that were perfect for a random handstand. Turns out those concrete slabs were actually intended to honor the millions of massacred Jews during WWII.

But never mind that. The narcissism of Instagram calls.


From Gawker:

Some people walk along the corridors created by the slabs. Some people sit in the park nestled into the memorial and check their phones. Some people get drunk or sunbathe. Others choose to do handstands, and those people probably do Crossfit.

After getting slaughtered in the comments, Driskell deleted the photo – but not before it was plastered into an article by BuzzFeed.

Driskell wrote an apology claiming that he was walking “near this memorial not knowing what it was at the time” when idea for the photo hit.

Note to crossfitters everywhere: It’s okay to be completely unaware of your surroundings. We get it. Physical specimens such as yourselves can’t be bothered with things like “context” or “history.” Just be sure to pay attention to the signs.

Featured image: Dave Driskell via Instagram

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