‘Crying Nazi’ Christopher Cantwell cries after getting sentenced to prison

A white nationalist who gained internet fame after he posted a video of himself crying with fear after allegedly being told that a warrant was issued for his arrest, has been sentenced to three years and five months in prison for threatening and attempting to extort information, the Sentinel Source reports.

Christopher Cantwell took part in the Charlottesville rally in 2017 and was featured in a piece by VICE. He has since been a defendant in multiple criminal cases and lawsuits. A jury last September found Cantwell guilty of transmitting extortionate communications and threatening to injure property or reputation.

“Cantwell threatened to publicly reveal information about the family of Benjamin Lambert, a Missouri man Cantwell knew only as the online personality ‘Cheddermane,’ if Lambert did not tell him the identity of another pseudonymous white nationalist,” the Sentinel Source reports. “Cantwell also threatened to rape Lambert’s wife in front of their children.”

According to journalist Hilary Sargent, Cantwell cried as the judge handed down his sentence.

“Cantwell discussed the fact that the charges stemmed from a feud he had with rival neo-Nazis — a group he had attempted to report to law enforcement,” Sargent writes. “Cantwell compared the rival Nazis to ‘black bloc,’ mentioned ‘Satanists,’ and complained about having been subjected to a ‘constant stream of non-stop harassment’ from the group. He was overcome with emotion after describing law enforcement ‘ignoring’ his ‘pleas for help.’ He cried again while describing how he could not identify which members of the rival group were targeting him.”

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