Cyclist who kicked 5-year-old girl to the ground successfully sues girl’s father for sharing the video

A cyclist who was lambasted for kicking a five-year-old girl to the ground as he passed by her on a trail has won a lawsuit against the child’s father for sharing it online, The Telegraph reported.

The Belgian man argued that the video damaged his reputation and was an invasion of his privacy.

From The Telegraph:

The five-year-old girl and her family were out for a walk on a snowy track in a nature reserve in Baraque Michel in eastern Belgium on Christmas Day 2020.

The 62-year-old cyclist, dressed in black lycra, appeared to stick out his knee as he passed the child, who was dressed in a pink snowsuit, sending her flying to the ground before he continued on his way.

Her father, Patrick Mpasa, was recording a video at the time and later posted the clip on social media. It subsequently went viral.

The cyclist was originally taken to court in the town of Verviers in Belgium for knocking the child over and was found guilty of involuntary assault.

Read the report over at the Telegraph.

Sky Palma

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