January 6

D-list actor who stormed the Capitol is arrested and charged by the FBI

An actor who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was arrested in Burbank, California, this Wednesday by federal agents, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

Michael Aaron Carico, 33, was seen in numerous photos and videos partaking in the riot at the Capitol. He also seen climbing a media tower that was installed outside the Capitol building. According to an FBI informant who was on the ground that day, Carico bragged to fellow rioters that he had entered the building.

Federal agents obtained Carico’s cellphone data through a warrant and was able to place him on the Capitol grounds as the riot took place.

In one video, Carico addresses House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling her to “go f*** yourself.”

He has appeared in several TV series, including “Hack my Life” and “The Inbetweeners,” as well as the movies “In Full Bloom” and “Alienated.”

Carico has been charged with entering restricted grounds, disorderly conduct, and picketing inside the Capitol building. His bail has been set at $20,000.

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