Daily Wire host says ‘environmentalists’ intentionally set Maui wildfires

During a recent segment on his Daily Wire show, host Michael Knowles suggested that the fires that ripped through the island of Maui were intentionally set by radical climate change activists.

Knowles cited the different theories as to how the fires started, but according to him, the most likely reason is “arson.”

“The main theory of how the fire started, the one that you have most likely heard because it’s the favorite of the establishment media, is that it was caused by catastrophic climate change, which, of course, it was not because catastrophic climate change or global warming or global cooling or whatever they’re gonna call it tomorrow, is not real,” Knowles said, adding that he doesn’t even buy the notion that the fires were cause by a lack of action from the “Hawaiian electrical company.”

“For years now, people have intentionally set fires all over Maui. As Maui Mayor Michael Victorino noted just last year, fire and police suspect someone is intentionally setting them,” he said. “Just a couple weeks ago, Hawaiian police responded to two fires on Maui. One started by an unattended cooking fire, the other, apparently, intentionally set. Shortly after which point, according to investigators, quote, a male operating a green all-terrain vehicle was seen leaving the area.”

“And who would do such a thing?” he said later in the segment, adding, that “the answer is environmentalists.”

Knowles contends that arson from environmentalists happens because “people are not taking the theoretical threat of climate change seriously enough, so they make that theoretical threat practical by setting the fires themselves.”

“It’s not just the environmentalists. This is what leftists always do. This is how all ideologues behave when their theories don’t line up with reality.”

Watch the video below, via Media Matters:

Sky Palma

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