Dalai Lama: Change comes through education, ‘not through prayer or religious teaching’

The Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, just tweeted out one of his most humanistic messages to date, when he stressed the importance of education over prayer and religious teachings.

2013’s “Most Popular Leader” tweeted the remark early morning on Monday morning and it’s since been retweeted and favorited almost 30,000 times.

“During almost the whole of my life, I’ve been witness to killing and violence. If things continue this way, the 21st century will end up being as violent as the century that went before. Violence always brings suffering and yet no one wants suffering, we all want to live in peace,” he said while speaking at the Vana Retreat Centre in Dehradun last week.

“Those of us who belong to the old generation who created so many of these problems have a responsibility to indicate what’s wrong and how we may achieve a happier humanity.”

Featured image: Jan Michael Ihl (Flickr)

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