Daughter gives ‘proof of virginity’ certificate to her pastor father on her wedding day

Brelyn Freeman is the daughter Maryland pastor Dr. Mike Freeman, and she just got married. According to photos posted to Instagram, the wedding was beautiful, she’s beautiful, her husband is smiling – but that’s not why this story is being written.

Before the wedding, Brelyn wanted to give her father a gift. No, it wasn’t a collage book of family memories or a sentimental set of cufflinks for him to wear at a wedding. It was a certificate signed by her doctor citing medically-documented proof that she was a virgin up until her wedding night.

A caption on Brelyn’s Instagram post read:

“This LOVELY Bride Presented A CERTIFICATE OF VIRGINITY To Her Father On Her Wedding Day…A Doctor CERTIFIED…That Her Hymen Was INTACT…And That She’s A VIRGIN!!! (It’s A NEW TREND In Christian Weddings)

The happy and recently sexually-gratified (presumably) couple, along with Dr. Freeman, are well aware of the social media reaction regarding their little pact, but they are unabashed.

Virginity tests are not a new phenomenon within the world of religious fundamentalism. This month, the Guardian reported on religious families in Sweden who force their daughters to undergo testing. It’s not known whether or not Brelyn’s test was demanded by her father or if she did it voluntarily.

Either way, the look on the groom’s face pretty much says it all.

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Featured image via Instagram

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