Dave Chappelle says Lauren Boebert ‘tricked’ him into taking ‘transphobic’ selfie

While visiting the U.S Capitol this Friday, comedian Dave Chappelle ran into GOP Rep.Lauren Boebert and Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna and stopped briefly for a chat.

Before their chat ended, Boebert asked Chappelle to take a selfie with her and he obliged. The photo later showed up on Boebert’s X account with the caption, “just three people who understand there’s only two genders,” but was later deleted and replaced with the same photo but with a different caption.

The photo was likely deleted because Chappelle soon afterwards said that he was “tricked” into taking it.

The caption was likely inspired by jokes and comments Chappelle has made in the past that his critics claim were transphobic.

From Newsweek:

Chappelle then spoke about the interaction with Boebert at his Washington D.C. show, reportedly claiming she “tricked him” and referencing her infamous night watching the Beetlejuice musical theater show.

In September, Boebert apologized after footage emerged of her groping a male companion and of him grabbing her breast during a performance of the show at a Colorado theater. She was asked to leave after repeatedly vaping and taking photographs.

He reportedly also said: “She tricked me,” before adding Boebert was “rubbing her mitts together,” in anticipation of getting a photo with him. Chappelle reportedly said he didn’t feel like he could say no and that in a politically divided time it “was a human moment” to oblige her request.

But then the comedian reportedly claimed he was “blindsided” by her tweet saying he “understood that there were two genders.”

“It’s a shame she tricked me,” Chappelle is reported to have said. “I had two tickets to Beetlejuice and I was going to give her one!”

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