Daycare worker charged with child abuse after ‘violent incident’ causes toddler to need mouth surgery

A former employee at a Las Vegas daycare center has been charged with child abuse after a “violent” incident resulted in a child undergoing mouth surgery, KLAS reported.

On Sept. 5 at around 4 p.m., the mother of the victim arrived at the Crème de la Crème daycare located on Farm Road. When she picked up her two-year-old son, she saw that his mouth was injured and there was blood on his upper lip, which his teacher was wiping off, the report stated.

The teacher, identified as Karina Castillo, told the mother that the victim was standing on a toy crib and fell.

“They didn’t call you?” the mother told police Castillo asked her.

The next morning, the mother saw that her son’s tooth was “pushed up into his gums.” The mother immediately took him to the dentist for an emergency appointment, according to the report.

The dentist said that the victim experienced a “trauma fall” and would need surgery to remove his two front teeth due to “infection and damage,” the report stated.

Read the full report over at KLAS.

Sky Palma

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