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DC police officer on MAGA rioters: ‘They waved the Thin Blue Line flag while attacking me’

A D.C. police officer talks about what he sees is Trumplandia’s hypocrisy when it comes to their rhetoric about their supposed support for police.

screenshot via CNN

Washington, D.C., police officers who were injured in the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 are speaking to the media about their experience being overrun by rioters while trying to prevent the building being breached.

Officer Daniel Hodges, who was captured on video being crushed in a doorway between a wave of Trump supporters and his own officers, spoke to CNN about what he says is the “cognitive dissonance” of the mob he confronted.

“The cognitive dissonance and the zealotry of these people is unreal,” he said. “They were waving the Thin Blue Line flag and telling us ‘we’re not your enemies’ while they were attacking us, and you know, killed one of us.”

“Some of them felt like [the D.C. police] would become fast friends because so many of them have been vocal, or at least virtue signaling their support for the police over the past year,” he continued. “They said things like, ‘You know, we’ve been supporting you through all this Black Lives Matter stuff — you should have our back’ — and they felt entitled, they felt like they’d just walk up there and say they were here to take back Congress and we would agree with them and we’d walk in hand-in-hand and just take over the nation. Obviously that was not the case, and that will never be the case.”

Watch the video below:

DC police officer accuses Trump supporters of virtue signaling their support for law and order from r/worldnewsvideo

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