DeadState’s Best Internet Images of the Week — 6/16/13

1. Fifty bucks says this guy is on his way to collect his Social Security check. (Found at Teabonics.)

ss check

2. Poor BO has been catching a lot of flack with all this NSA stuff. It’s funny though!

hope 1

3. Here’s one DeadState posted earlier in the week. It’s like we always say: bashing Fox News is like stealing candy from an infant — with no arms.

homer 2

4. We hear the Catholic church has its own version of George W. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” program. It’s called, “No Child’s Behind Left.”


5. We got a shot in with that nutty Glenn Beck the other day. Conspiracy theorists and the English language never went hand-in-hand.

beck 24


6. The numbers are actually shocking.



7. Much more radical in our opinion.

rad islam 1

8. Some prophetic devotional art. Pervs.

pedo 3

9. More funny NSA stuff.

nsa 1

10. Oh, and Jesus appeared in some dog’s ass.

jesus butt


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