DeadState’s Best Internet Images of the Week — 6/9/13

1. Starting off this week is a funny Twitter post from legendary actor Patrick Stewart, or as his Twitter followers know him, @SirPatStew. He posted the image below with the caption, “I should have never switched to Verizon. #NSA”


2. Not to toot our own horn, but the image below was posted by DeadState and got quite a bit of attention. We poke fun at ‘overly’ religious folks quite a bit, but hey…we love fanatics! Without them, we wouldn’t have anything to write about from week to week.

black 12

3. Break-ups sometimes go viral. A few collective hearts in the office sunk when the image below was shown around.


4. Bashing Fox News is like stealing candy from an infant — with no arms. Bill O’Reilly made some waves this week when he invited on this charming English bloke, and the liberal mega-page Americans Against the Tea Party were kind enough to point it out.

robinson 1

5. We know a few Libertarians that are not too far off from the cartoon below.

liber cart 2

6. Here’s a picture of Texas Gov. Rick Perry eating a hot dog. We’re not too sure why some people were freaking out about this. Maybe they’re vegetarians?

perry hot dog

7. We’re don’t promote any type of food agenda, but this one kind of gives a unique perspective.


8. When Chinese social media users circumvent censorship and commemorate Tiananmen Square, this beauty happens.


9. Some people just aren’t the same when they’re hungry.


10. Gun nuts can send all vaguely-threatening emails to for this one.

nra anymore





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