Dem rep: Trump ‘cares enough’ about Syrian children for airstrikes but rejects them for asylum

In the wake of airstrikes against the Syrian government by U.S. forces, a Democratic congressman from Massachusetts is pointing out the hypocrisy of President Trump’s Muslim ban in light of the action.

In a tweet from this Thursday, Rep. Seth Moulton commented on the fact that Trump is retaliating against Syria’s Assad for slaughtering his own people — people who Trump wants to prevent from seeking asylum in the U.S.

“So @POTUS cares enough about the Syrian people to launch 50 Tomahawks but not enough to let the victims of Assad find refuge & freedom here,” Moulton tweeted.

The U.S. launched airstrikes on a Syrian airbase Thursday night in response to a chemical weapons attack on civilians carried out by forces loyal to Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad. Trump ordered the launch of more than 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles on an airfield near the city of Homs where the gas attack reportedly originated.

The strike is a stark escalation of U.S. involvement in Syria, whose government is strongly allied with Russia in its fight against rebel groups trying to oust Assad.

Trump’s original executive order banning refugees from entering the U.S. specifically singled out Syria as a target of the ban, along with six other Muslim-majority countries.

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