Dem presidential candidate Andrew Yang: ‘The opposite of Trump is an Asian guy who likes numbers’

Andrew Yang isn’t quite a household name yet when it come to the 2020 presidential race, but thanks to growing exposure and an interview he did with Joe Rogan, his views are starting to gain traction.

Yang, who is running as a Democrat, is an entrepreneur who’s never run for political office before and currently averages 0-to-1 percent in public opinion polls, but the bold centerpiece of his campaign has some people listening — a $12,000 basic income for all Americans.

As of this Monday, he exceeded 65,000 donors to his campaign, which makes him eligible to appear in the first two presidential debates which start in June.

I’m not here to endorse the man for president, but I came across an interview he did on the Fung Bros’ YouTube channel in November of last year, and I liked how real the guy seems.

“You are getting f—-d,” he says to the camera at the outset of the video. “So if you want to help me unf—k you, then like, vote me into office.”

In the video, Yang explains that the election of Donald Trump is what sprung into action and got him to run for president.

He’s funny too.

“And I’ll say, the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian guy who likes numbers.”

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this guy.


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