Dem strategist: Fox News audience is a like a ‘giant monster you have to feed every night’

Speaking on MSNBC this Wednesday, Democratic strategist James Carville said Republicans are looking for anyone other than Donald Trump to blame for the Jan. 6 riot, adding that Fox News’ audience is like “a giant monster that you have to feed every night.”

“They should have just stuck with Antifa, which doesn’t exist — only in their mind,” Carville continued. “But once they went to an individual, that’s a little different. That’s not a general thing.”

“They were desperate to have an answer,” Carville said. “It was bad optics of people beating up policemen and breaking into windows, all right? And that audience desperately needed another explanation. If they were going to keep their audience, they had to supply it.”

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“The Antifa thing fell apart, so Mr. Epps was the remainder man. And that audience, they just can’t let it go. They have to—it’s a giant monster that you have to feed every night. And that’s what happened, of course, with the Dominion. It’s what’s going to happen with Smartmatic, and it’s probably going to happen with Mr. Epps. That was an expensive diet they were on feeding that monster,” Carville said.

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