Dennis Prager: I was ‘happier’ when Trump was elected than I was when my kids were born

During an appearance on evangelist James Robison’s Life Today program, conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager plugged his new book, and also took an opportunity tell the world that the birth of his own children doesn’t match up to the excitement he felt when Donald Trump was elected president.

“It turned out for me, such a happy night, I have told my two sons — this will definitely lower me in your esteem, I have no doubt about this, but I will tell you anyway,” he told Robison. “I said, ‘You know boys … the nights you were born were extraordinarily happy nights in my life, but the night Trump won was happier.”

Prager went on to say that “the left is ruining the West, not just America.”

“I have no choice. I cannot allow the left to win.”

If you watch the whole clip (linked above), you won’t find any indication that he was joking.

Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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