Diamond and Silk: ‘If Trump is racist and his words are in the dictionary, is the dictionary racist?

In the wake of President Trump telling four progressive congresswomen of color to “go back” to where they came from, a debate is erupting regarding the intent of Trump’s words, with many of Trump’s defenders saying he wasn’t being racist, he was just critiquing the alleged anti-American sentiment of “The Squad.”

Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, aka, Diamond and Silk, think accusations of racism against Trump are fake news, and they offered up some mind-bending logic to argue that point.

On their official Twitter account this Wednesday, the pair retweeted a video showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying that “by its definition,” Trump’s words “are racist.”

“If you look in the [Associated Press] and other places where they define certain words, that’s what that is,” Pelosi says in the video. “But we weren’t saying that [Trump] was racist, we’re saying that the words that he used were racist.”

But Diamond and Silk disagree. After all, if racist words can be found in the dictionary, does that mean the dictionary is racist?

“Nancy Pelosi said the WORDS that the President used were racist,” the pair tweeted. “But those same words are in the Dictionary. Does that mean that the Dictionary is now racist? Should all Dictionaries be banned since Democrats are offended by words?”

In the comment thread that vomited forth beneath this gem, most people were just as baffled as you are.

“This. This is the standard,” @snarksation replied. “You have to be this ‘smart’ to be a Trump supporter.”

“There it is. The stupidest f***ing thing I’ll read all day,” @bjcreigh wrote. “And future days will be hard pressed to compete.”

“The word edible is in the dictionary,” @realbillm pointed out. “Does that mean the dictionary is edible? God, I hope so, I’m hungry.”

If anyone has knowledge of any racist dictionaries that may be out there, please send all tips to deadstate@rocketmail.com.

Featured image via screen grab/Fox Nation

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