DirecTV ignores pleas from OAN founder and plans to drop the network this week

DirecTV has announced that it plans to drop the right-leaning One America News Network (OAN) starting this Tuesday, despite pleas from the outlet and its supporters to reverse course, Bloomberg reports.

The satellite TV giant also plans to drop the high-end lifestyle channel AWE. Both channels are owned by Herring Networks Inc.

DirecTV first announced that it planned to drop OAN back in January after the network came under fire for spreading misinformation about the pandemic and the 2020 election. DirecTV says it’ll replace OAN with another conservative option, Fox Nation, which is a subscription streaming app for Fox News fans.

OAN and its supporters mounted a campaign to pressure DirecTV not to cancel the network. In March, Herring Networks sued AT&T and DirecTV, alleging breach of contract, claiming that “the economic consequences of losing carriage with DirecTV could be devastating to OAN.”

In January, OAN founder Robert Herring Sr. called on his viewers to contact their cable providers and ask them to carry his network. “I’m sure by now a lot of you have heard the news that AT&T and DirecTV have decided to take us off their service,” Herring said in a video clip flagged by Media Matters. “It was a major surprise to me when I read it in the news last Friday night, as I’m sure it was to you.”

From Bloomberg:

On its website, OAN says it can still be seen on a few smaller pay-TV services, like Verizon Fios. It’s also available online through its app, One America News Plus, and via KlowdTV, an online bundle of TV channels which is offering a $2.50-per-month package that also includes the conservative networks Newsmax and InfoWars.

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