Disturbing Jehovah’s Witness video instructs parents on how to properly abandon their godless children

An unsettling video being shown at the summer regional conferences for Jehovah Witnesses instructs the parents of disgruntled, independent teens on how push away their children when they fail to adhere to the strict rules dictated by church officials.

In the video, a young woman named Sonia was “disfellowshipped” from the church for apparently having a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. She was then cast out of her parents’ home because she might be a “bad influence” to their younger children.

Probably the most disturbing part of the video is when the narrator talks about her parents’ loyalty to Jehovah over their own child.

“Jehovah directly judged two of Aaron’s sons and put them to death. In this case, Jehovah asked Aaron’s family not to mourn, in order to show the entire nation that they supported Jehovah’s judgement. Mom and dad saw that they needed to be loyal, just like Aaron.”

From Patheos:

If your religion tells you that a child who disagrees with your beliefs is worth abandoning for life, the problem is your faith. The problem is that some people are brainwashed into thinking that excommunicating a family member for not adhering to the rules of the religion is a form of love.

Watch the video below:

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