Donald Trump does not want you to see this documentary

A 2011 documentary that got little attention in the U.S., was so explosive that Donald Trump’s lawyers tried to force the BBC to drop its broadcast.

The film, titled You’ve Been Trumped, won 10 awards from film festivals and environmental organizations, along with earning four-star reviews in the British media.

The film focuses on Trump’s $1.5 billion project to build two 18-hole golf courses, a 450-bedroom luxury hotel along with luxury apartments and golf villas on the North Sea coast of Scotland. The government supported the project and pushed aside environmental protection, all while Trump promised that it would bring in 6,000 jobs.

From the New York Times:

Once construction begins on the 1,400-acre Menie Estate, which Mr. Trump bought in 2005, the lives of the farmers and fishermen in nearby Balmedie, a town of 3,000, are disrupted.

The arrival of Mr. Trump and his overbearing ways is an affront to many residents, especially Michael Forbes, a farmer who refuses to sell his property, which Mr. Trump describes as a slum and a pigsty. The film delves into the problems encountered by Mr. Forbes and neighbors who band together to protest the development. Mr. Forbes loses his electricity and water. Enormous piles of dirt and sand are dumped near cottages, blocking their ocean views, and homeowners are taken to court in petty boundary disputes. At one point the use of “compulsory purchase orders,” the Scottish equivalent of eminent domain, to force them to sell, is threatened.

Watch the trailer for the film in the video below. The entire film can be watched here.



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