Donald Trump gets DESTROYED on Twitter after claiming vaccines cause autism

Donald Trump has successfully solidified his reputation as a conspiracy theorist. With his assumed role as King of the Birthers, the real estate mogul has been at the forefront when it comes to questioning President Barack Obama’s U.S. citizenship.

So there’s no reason why Trump can’t delve into the bizarre and incoherent world of vaccine trutherism. In fact, he’s regurgitated this kind of idiocy before. But considering the enormous amount of backlash anti-vaxxers are getting – especially in the wake of record-breaking measles resurgences in New York and California – it’s surprising that he’d double-down on the long-ago debunked and false link between vaccines and autism.

This Thursday, Trump fired off the tweet below:

But the the backlash from the Twitterverse was swift:





Trump followed up with another tweet on the issue, this time incorporating his ongoing scam where he keeps people guessing if he’s going to run for president:


The backlash was so huge, it eventually prompted Trump to respond. He tried to walk back his comments as if he was more concerned about the “massive” doses that are allegedly given to children — conveniently leaving out the fact that he linked them to autism. But his audience wasn’t about to let him forget:






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