Donald Trump Jr: Walls work because they make it possible to ‘enjoy a day at the zoo’

In a post to his Instagram account this Tuesday night, Donald Trump Jr. chose to endorse his father’s border wall obsession by seemingly comparing human beings to zoo animals.

According to him, walls keep animals from attacking people at zoos, so they would clearly work at the US-Mexico border.

“You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? Because walls work,” Trump Jr. wrote in his Instagram story.

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Trump Jr’s post came as journalists aggressively fact-checked his father’s prime-time speech where he pushed for a border wall.

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith debunked many of President Trump’s claims by the using the government’s own numbers.

“The government’s statistics show that there is less violent crime by the undocumented immigrant population than by the general population,” Smith said.

Trump Jr’s post triggered a wave of outrage across social media, with many expressing disgust over his choice of words.

“Immigrants as caged animals, from the First Son,” Vanity Fair’s Emily Jane Fox tweeted.

“The son of the President of the United States just compared immigrants seeking asylum to zoo animals,” comedian Nick Jack Pappas tweeted. “Good night, America.”

“I hope the First Son gets to find out just how efficient walls really are,” Twitter user @NorsemanActual wrote.

Twitter user Vivian Vacca wondered if conservatives would give the same outage they gave Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib‘s “motherfucker” comments to Trump Jr’s post.

“Just the first son equating poor brown people and children to animals,” Vacca wrote. “I wonder if this is gonna be received with the same outrage the ‘let’s impeach the mf’ remark did.”

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