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Donald Trump to Mike Lindell: ‘They used the China virus to rig the election’

During a prerecorded sit-down interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, former President Donald Trump told Lindell that he liked his idea to melt down voting machines and turn them into prison bars.

“Even though I won Texas by a lot, they should really look into it,” Trump told Lindell. “They should really get to it. Because you’re going to lose elections in those states eventually — you’re going to lose Texas at some point.”

At one point in the interview, Trump roped in China and covid into his excuses as to why he lost in 2020.

“We know what happened,” Trump said. “You see it in the reports, you see it in everything. And also, they’re so guarding it they don’t want to give the votes, they don’t want to give the ballots — mail-in ballots are a disaster. They basically used COVID-19, or the China virus to rig the election, and it’s a shame.”

Watch the video below:

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