Donald Trump’s blistering GOP debate tirade on 9/11 was the first and last time he’ll speak the truth

During the CBS debate in South Carolina over the weekend, GOP front-runner Donald Trump took an unpopular stance within the world of die-hard Republicans — by placing blame on former President George W. Bush for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Following Marco Rubio’s assertion that former President Bush had “kept us safe,” during his years in office, Trump immediately shot back with a question.

“How did he keep us safe when the World Trade Center came down?”

The crowds reaction was overwhelmingly negative, and Trump continued continued speaking while being almost drowned out entirely by their loud boos.

“I lost hundreds of friends, the World Trade Center came down during the reign of George Bush. That is not safe, Marco, that is not safe.”

Trump has never been quiet about any of his views, and this is not the first time he has stated that George W. Bush is at fault for the events of 9/11. This was, however the first time he made this statement in the presence of a member of the former President’s family. Jeb Bush pushed back on his brother’s behalf.

“This is a man who insults his way to the nomination. I am sick and tired of him going after my family.”

Watch Trump and Jeb argue in the video below:

Isadora Teich

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