Donald Trump’s hair looks exactly like this type of grass that grows in Norway

According to BoredPanda, there’s a type of bunchgrass that grows in Tromso, Norway that looks strikingly similar to Donald Trump‘s hair. When the bunchgrass gets wet, it slumps to the side in a fashion similar to how Trump styles his hair. People on social media are even calling the place “Wig Island.”

In a Men’s Health article, University of Louisville professor Micheael R. Cunningham says that even though Trump’s hair may resemble bunchgrass, that’s probably just the way he wants it.

“Many men choose a hair style in their 20s and 30s and stick with it their whole lives.” This makes sense since there are photos from the seventies and nineties that show Trump rocking his hair like it is today.

Whatever the reason, we wouldn’t have Trumps hair any other way. This place is beautiful, though.

hair 1hair 2hair 3

[Lost At E Minor] Image credits: Smiley Faceztirfeed

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