Donald Trump’s top advisor quits campaign: ‘He’s losing his grip on reality’

This Saturday afternoon, Donald Trump announced that he had “fired” his campaign advisor and longtime associate, Roger Stone. But according to POLITICO, just hours before Trump made his announcement, Stone told them that he was quitting.

Sources close to POLITICO say that troubles in the Trump camp were “roiling before Thursday’s debate.” Stone said he felt the “campaign team surrounding Trump was feeding his bad habits,” some of which included “megalomania and peevishness.”

After Trump’s questionable performance at the GOP debate this Thursday, he went on a fairly disgusting Twitter rant aimed at Fox’s Megyn Kelly, calling her a “bimbo” among other things.


The next morning, Stone had to fight Trump’s handlers to meet with him for 15 minutes, prompting the following exchange that both of Stone’s friends, independently and separately, tell POLITICO happened verbatim:

Stone: “Donald, stop with the Megyn Kelly shit. It’s fucking crazy. It’s killing us.”

Trump: “What do you mean? I won the debate. People loved it.”

Stone: “You didn’t win the debate.”

Trump: “Yes I did. Look at the polling. Look at Drudge.”

Stone: “The Drudge Report poll isn’t a scientific poll. You won’t give me the money to pay for a scientific poll. And you’re off-message.”

Trump: “There are other polls.”

Stone: “Those are bullsh*t polls, Donald. They’re not scientific polls. We need to run a professional campaign and talk about what people really care about.”

Trump: “We’re winning.”

Ignoring Stone, Trump went on CNN and took his trashing of Kelly to a new low.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever,” Trump said, seemingly suggesting that Kelly’s treatment of him was to due to her menstruating. Trump denied that he went there, but it was too late. Stone was already preparing his resignation.

“He is losing his grip on reality,” Stone allegedly told friends. “He has these yes-men around him. And now he’s living in a parallel world.”

After looking at Stone’s Twitter feed, it’s clear things have definitely gone south between the two.

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