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Doonsebury predicted Trump’s disaster press conference with scary accuracy

Garry Trudeau‘s comic strip Doonesbury has been around since the 60s and is known for its profound insight into political culture. On December 18 of last year, he published a cartoon that took that insight to a new level, seemingly looking to the future.

As DeadState reported Wednesday, during the press conference Trump labeled CNN as a “fake news” organization, a claim that’s silly on its face, but likely in response to CNN’s report that Russia allegedly has compromising “personal and financial” information on Trump.

When CNN’s Jim Acosta tried to direct a question at Trump, it devolved into a shouting match.

“Since you’re attacking us, can you give us a question?” Acosta asked.

“Not you, not you, your organization is terrible,” Trump shot back. “I am not going to give you a question. You are fake news.”

After he shut down Acosta, Trump took a question from Breitbart News , a website connected with the “alt-right” that regularly publishes false stories.

Trudeau’s 12/18 edition of the strip amazingly seemed to predict that exchange almost exactly. The Twitter account StuffJournalistsLike first noticed it and shared it on the same day as Trump’s press conference.


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