Dr. Drew perfectly dismantled Nancy Grace on her ridiculously stupid views regarding pot

If Nancy Grace’s humiliation at the hands of rapper 2 Chains on the subject of pot legalization earlier this month wasn’t enough, she definitely was looking for another beating this week, this time with Dr. Drew Pinksy and NORML’s Norm Kent.

And once again, the HLN host’s archaic and, frankly, stupid views on pot were put on the chopping block, diced up into little chunks, crushed into shake, and rolled up and smoked.

First, Norm Kent told Grace that her “argument is not real because it takes isolated instances of aberrant behavior and [tries] to make them standardized for all marijuana users.”

“I was really just looking for an answer to the question, but obviously you’re stoned,” Grace shot back.

Turning to Dr. Drew Pinsky, the debate turned to whether or not consuming edibles were to blame in the case of a Denver man killing his wife last year. Dr. Drew pointed out that Grace was conveniently ignoring the argument that the man may have been ingesting the marijuana as a way to cope with the symptoms of withdrawal from prescription drugs.

As the segment went on, Grace’s argument deteriorated further, making us wonder how long she can hold on to this antiquated opinion.


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