Dr. Keith Ablow dismantles Christian pastor: ‘Josh Duggar fits the profile of a pedophile’

In an amazing and heated exchange on Sean Hannity’s show this Friday, regular Fox News commentator Dr. Keith Ablow directly challenged evangelical pastor Robert Jeffress and his defense of the Duggar family.

Outright calling Josh a “pedophile,” Ablow made the point that there are “other people that may come in contact with him, and the [Duggars] haven’t provided anything like a reassuring story about treatment that would alleviate those concerns.”

He then slammed the “naivete” and claims of persecution by the Duggars, saying, “I don’t know of any four people who can be sleeping and touched inappropriately… and not know it. What kind of story is this? It doesn’t make sense.”

Jeffress tried to counter Ablow’s blistering comments, saying that he knows the Duggars and that they are a “wonderful family,” before regurgitating the same victim rhetoric that so many others defenders of the family have offered.

But Ablow was having none of it.

“This is a great family?” Ablow asked incredulously. “This is a family that turned their family into a sideshow and invited cameras into their lives in a way that exploited their children and made money from them. Where’s the wonderful family that the pastor is describing?”

“If you are going to have 19 children, you should supervise them well… These parents say that they didn’t let their children hold hands until they were engaged. That’s bizarre,” Ablow added.

Watch the entire exchange below:

[Featured image: screenshot]

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