Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman: Biden will probably commit suicide like Hitler after GOP wins midterms

Duane Chapman, also known as “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” he giving political speeches with a cultish, Christian flavor.

Speaking at the “Opening the Heavens” conference in Omaha, Nebraska, Chapman hinted that President Joe Biden will meet an unfortunate demise if the Republicans win the midterms.

“Wait ’till November when the Republican Party … wipes [the Democrats] out,” Chapman said.

“Wait ’till November,” he reiterated. “I don’t care how many ballot boxes there are, I don’t care how they try to cheat, wait until you see what happens.”

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Chapman then said, “If you remember, Hitler committed suicide.”

“You know why? Because he was caught. And you know what’s gonna happen? They’re gonna catch these cheaters, and I’m not saying with my mouth or my tongue that [Biden] is gonna commit suicide, but you never know.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

Sky Palma

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