Dylan Mulvaney wins ‘Woman of the Year’ award

Transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been given the Woman of the Year award by a British magazine.

“Dylan Mulvaney is our Woman of the Year, supported by @VirginAtlantic,” Attitude magazine wrote in a post on X this Wednesday.

“I’m so honored to be here with you all tonight, and some see me as the woman of the year, some see me as a woman of a year … as I only publicly came out online 560 days ago,” Mulvaney wrote in a speech posted to social media, acknowledging the award.

“Some people don’t see me as a woman at all, which is why receiving this honor from a queer publication like Attitude means so much more to me,” Mulvaney said. “No matter how hard I try or what I wear, or what I say, or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards. But as long as I have the queer community, that sees me for my truth, I’m gonna be okay.”

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