Editor of Conservative Publication Grilled on CNN About Possible Bribery in Prostitution Story (VIDEO)

According to the Washington Post on Monday, a story that originally broke in The Daily Caller alleging that Democratic Senator Robert Menendez had solicited Dominican prostitutes was false. The Washington Post claimed that the prostitute making the accusations was bribed. Firing back at the Post, The Daily Caller said that the reporters misinterpreted information that was found in a Dominican affidavit that they quoted extensively.

Tuesday on CNN, anchor Brianna Keilar grilled the executive editor of The Daily Caller over his charge that the Washington Post report was false.

CNN anchor Brianna Keilar grilled The Daily Caller Executive Editor David Martosko on Monday over the online publication’s willingness to stand by their claim that Menendez patronized prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and that the Washington Post’s story debunking that report was inaccurate.

“You have to understand that all of this was ginned up by a Washington Post report yesterday that basically uncritically reported this affidavit from the Dominican Republic,” Martosko said, going on to list the reasons why he believed the Post’s report was wrong.

“Even if you say her claims are false, what is the proof she is not — that she is not on this video that she says she is?” Keilar asked. “Someone could obviously fib about their name or they could fib about their age.”

“And they could fib about an affidavit as well,” Martosko replied, “and the Washington Post could take it and run with it in a very irresponsible way.”

According to an ABC News report that was cited by Keilar, the interview The Daily Caller conducted was set up by a Republican operative. “Is it possible that you were duped?” Keilar asked.

Martosko and Keilar then engaged in a heated exchgange over the credibility of the sources the Daily Caller used in their original report on the Menendez allegations. Martosko assured Keilar that the website is reviewing their original sources.

“So, it’s possible that they actually were paid, and you haven’t been able to be sure that they weren’t,” Keilar said. Martosko replied that this was not true, and the Miami Herald has been able to confirm with one of the DC’s sources that the allegations in the Post’s report were incorrect.

Watch the CNN segment in the video below.

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