Egyptian Islamic cleric: ‘Atheists and their reasonable ideas are a threat to religion’

Sheik Ahmad Al-Tayyeb is the president of Egypt’s Sunni-leaning Al-Azhar University. According to him, atheists and their “simple and comprehensible” thinking are a threat to the Islamic world and religion in general.

Speaking on his nightly television program, al-Tayyeb complained that contemporary atheists, particularly after the events of September 11, have declared war against all religions, especially Islam, according to AhluBayt News Agency.

He added that one of the major causes of the spread of irreligiosity and atheism in the Islamic world is that some Muslim youth do not have the support for firm thinking and belief and cannot assess what they hear, especially since those who spread atheism spread their ideas with simple and comprehensible explanations for the youth.

In other words, atheists are winning people over because they make too much sense.

From Hemant Mehta of Patheos:

“Al-Tayyeb’s” problems are our signs of progress. We’re not going to stop being reasonable and we’re not going to stop treating people who escape faith like the heroes they are.

If Al-Tayyeb wants to spread his religious beliefs, he might want to try making some sense, too. It won’t work, but ideas ought to rise and fall based on their own merit.

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