Eight-year-old Puerto Rican kid tells Trump to ‘stop tweeting’

Eight-year-old Yan Anthony Hernandez was lucky to have his home withstand Hurricane Maria as it roared over his cement home.

But now that he’s forced to live on an island with no power and cellphone service, and he’s getting a little bored. Speaking to NPR, Hernandez’s 20-year-old older sister Goytya understands why that’d be a complaint for an 8-year-old, but she says the island has bigger things to worry about.

She says it’s difficult not having a way to communicate with anyone beyond shouting distance. It took her nine days to find a rotary phone to call her father in Massachusetts.

“My dad told me that the images they were showing in the news out there, they were shocking, devastating, you think no one is alive,” she says.

Apparently, her older brother, who is in the Army and based in Texas, had posted a photo of her saying she was missing. So when she finally got to speak to her father, “He was crying.”

Meanwhile, she’s working the overnight shift in a shelter at the local Boys & Girls Club, where her mother and stepfather are volunteering too. Yan says they feel safer sleeping there than staying home alone at night in the dark; he worries someone could come and rob them.

Her younger brother Yan had slightly more innocent perspective. When asked about President Trump’s upcoming visit to the storm-ravaged, he was excited.

“Wow! A so important person from the White House!” Yan said, according to NPR. But he also had some advice for Trump.

“Stop sending tweets,” he says, “and come help the people.”

Featured image via Gage Skidmore 

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