2020 Election

Election officials share death threats sent to them by Trump supporters: ‘You will be served lead’

“Hey, Rick. Two hundred and thirty four years ago, the founding caucasian fathers of America gave us the Second Amendment. Time’s running out, Richard. We’re coming after you and every motherf***er that stole this election with our Second Amendment, subpoenas be damned, you’re going to be served lead, you f***ing enemy enemy communist c***sucker. You will be served lead.”

That was one of 150 voice messages sent to Richard Barron, elections director of Georgia’s Fulton County. As VICE News points out, former President Donald Trump mentioned Barron by name at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia, on Dec. 5.

Trump showed a video of Barron to the audience, saying, “So, if you just take the crime of what those Democratic workers were doing, that’s ten times more than I need to win the state.”

Soon after, Barron started receiving threats.

“Hey, Rick,” one voicemail said. “Watching this video of you on YouTube. I can’t believe you can’t count votes in Fulton County. It’s absolutely incredible. How deceivious? (sic) How deceitful you are? You need to get your act together or people like me really may go after people like you.”

“If you have a hand in this, you deserve to go to prison, you actually deserve to hang by your goddamn skinny-a** soyboy neck,” said another message.

Watch the video from VICE News below:

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