Elon Musk once passed out and ‘slammed his head on the table’ after taking vodka shots with Russians

According to a new report, Elon Musk once passed out during a Moscow meeting after having several shots of vodka, Insider reported.

Musk recruited a rocket engineer named Jim Cantrell, and along with Adeo Ressi — the Founder Institute CEO who’s Musk’s former college housemate — they arranged a business meeting with a group of unnamed Russian businesspeople to negotiate buying rockets, the book says.

The journey included a stopover in Paris, Isaacson wrote, where a late night of partying left Musk “ragged” upon arriving in the Russian capital.

Then, in the back room of a Moscow restaurant, the lunchtime meeting involved “small bites of food interspersed with large shots of vodka,” the biography says. The Russians also gifted the trio a bottle of vodka each with custom labels showing pictures of each recipient on Mars.

“I calculated the weight of the food and the weight of the vodka, and they were roughly equal,” Musk told Isaacson.

And then, in the biographer’s words, “Musk, who was holding his head up with his hand, passed out, and his head slammed into the table.”

Read the full report over at Insider.

Sky Palma

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