Elon Musk: The risk of me ‘literally’ being assassinated ‘is quite significant’

In a two-hour chat session held on Twitter Spaces, Elon Musk told listeners that he’s wary about appearing in public for fear of assassination.

Musk said he “definitely” would not “be doing any open-air car parades, let me put it that way.”

“Frankly the risk of something bad happening to me, or even literally being shot, is quite significant,” he said, adding that it’s “not that hard to kill somebody if you wanted to, so hopefully they don’t, and fate smiles upon the situation with me and it does not happen … There’s definitely some risk there.”

Musk went on to say that “at the end of the day, we just want to have a future where we’re not oppressed.”

“[Where] our speech is not suppressed, and we can say what we want to say without fear of reprisals,” he declared. “As long as you’re not really causing harm to somebody else, then you should be allowed to say what you want.”

From the New York Post:

Much of Musk’s conversation on Twitter Spaces, which took place on Saturday night local time, was devoted to the so-called ‘Twitter Files’, a selection of internal documents released by journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday.

Taibbi’s thread included files that showed Joe Biden’s team instructing Twitter employees to remove specific political content in October 2020, just weeks before he was elected US President.

Screenshots of emails revealed that Twitter employees deliberately suspended, banned or censored users who commented on the controversy surrounding the contents of Mr Biden’s son Hunter’s laptop.

“If Twitter is doing one team’s bidding before an election shutting down dissenting voices on a pivotal election, that is the definition of election interference,” Musk said. “Frankly, Twitter was acting like an arm of the Democratic National Committee, it was absurd.”

Sky Palma

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