Evangelical pastor battles with reporters over Roy Moore and it’s a sight to behold

He didn’t want to give his name to reporters, but his name is Flip Benham and he’s the leader of the far-right Christian group Operation Save America. This Wednesday, a group of “faith leaders” gathered in Birmingham to voice their support for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, and Benham got into it with reporters in a hallway.

On their website, Operation Save America claims to take up the cause “of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles.” But Benham on Wednesday wasn’t defending “preborn” children; he was angrily, and sometimes incoherently, defending the cause of Roy Moore against allegations that he sexually assaulted post-born children.

The confrontation was captured in video by local reporter Lauren Walsh, and it shows Benham start out with the tired and evasive dodge, “Did you stop beating your wife? Yes or no?”

“Are a man of faith?” a reporter off-camera countered. When Benham asked the loaded question again, the reporters said, “Would you like to meet my wife? She would love you.”

“You don’t have an answer for it because it’s logical fallacy,” Benham said, laboring under the delusion that he was making a valid point. “You are a clown!”

“Why don’t you just take a look at yourself in the mirror,” Benham scolded.

At one point, Walsh speaks up, telling Benham, “I am an Alabama reporter. I live in Birmingham and we haven’t had a chance to ask our Senate candidate questions all week …We should be able to ask our candidate questions.”

“Because of the mob mentality you’ve got,” Benham replied. “You just want — what you’d like to do is just bury him. And why? Why? What did he — Why? What did he do?”

Watch the exchange below:

[Splinter] Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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